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Cost-effective specialist technical help with book publishing

Technical Book Production

Technical book production

5 reasons to use our technical book production services

  1. Everything you require - printed book, ebook and audiobook production.
  2. Hassle free - technical work done for you
  3. High quality results
  4. Cost effective and often costing less than in-house work
  5. Guaranteed
  6. Support available for future upgrades

Specialist Websites


Ready "out-of-the-box" and configurable

  1. No need to pay for expensive bespoke development
  2. No compromise on having your own branded look and feel
  3. High function on-line shops for books and digital products
  4. Companion websites for training, workshops, CPD and support
  5. Image libraries for easier image management

Text & Image Services

text check

Things to help successful book production

  1. Cover designs - from scratch or using submitted images
  2. Book illustrations - all kinds of creative and technical artwork
  3. Copy editing and proof checking - ranging from light-touch checks to comprehensive re-drafts
  4. Ghost writing - for people who are too busy to write themselves or who find writing hard
  5. Manuscript reviews

We are a publisher and also provide specialist publishing services that support other publishers including authors who wish to self-publish.


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