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The Endless Bookcase can help you write and publish a book on-line including an eBook edition and paper book edition. Our 6 stage e-publishing process is a fully supported step by step guide to book publishing with us. It includes detailed help on book planning, writing, formatting, reviewing and promoting. You can also gain advice and guidance on e-publishing via our online forum which covers a range of topics on eBook publishing and paper book publishing – including our special options for PoD (Print on Demand) . If you are a specialist we show you how to use e-publishing as a marketing tool to raise your visibility and reputation. If you are an unpublished fiction writer we show you how by starting with eBook publishing you can break through the barrier to getting published on paper. Our approach to publishing an eBook online (including a printed edition) gives you all of the benefits of self-publishing without the usual traps and pitfalls plus the advantages of being with an independent publisher.

Benefits of writing an eBooks

Benefits of writing an eBooks

Comparing eBooks with paper Books

eBooks vs Paper Books

Reasons not to self-publish on amazon

Reasons not to self publish

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Your questions answered

Q. How does The Endless Bookcase compare with self-publishing?

A. Favourably - expert help, quality production, worldwide distribution, effective marketing, lower costs.

Q. How do I get my book published?

A. Just sign up and we’ll take you through a simple process.

Q. What do I need to do to publish my own book?

A. We’ll help you every step of the way with our 6 stage process that covers: Scoping and planning, Drafting and editing, Preparing for publication, and Publication and promotion.

Q. How to get a book published?

A. If you’ve not yet written it or are part way through we can guide you every step of the way until it’s published. If you have already got a completed manuscript we can help you finish it off to a high standard and publish it.

Q. How do I publish an eBook?

A. You provide us with a manuscript file and we do the rest.

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