About Us – The Endless Bookcase Services

About Us

We are independent publishers with specialist expertise in book production and on-line services which we also provide to other publishers and self-publishers.

We started off as an eBook publisher, and are still very strong in terms of technical production capability, but normally we publish our titles as paperbacks and eBooks. We also produce audiobook editions often working in collaboration with the author as narrator.

Our Vision

“We want to break down the practical and financial barriers to publishing so that everyone who wants to create a written work to share expertise or experiences, or tell a story, can get published so that their work can be enjoyed by anyone anywhere for ever.”

The advent of digital publishing method for eBooks and low-volume printing, rather than the large volume production of paper books, is a game changer and makes our vision possible to achieve. Once it was just impracticable but for many small publishers and self-publishers it is not economically viable to have the necessary in-house expertise to take full advantage of the opportunities. That’s were we can help.

We aim to work co-operatively with authors, readers and other independent publishers.