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Possible Problems with Image Quality in Microsoft Word

Authors often have problems with this. Beware that if you paste an image into Word and then subsequently do a Save As the images in the new file will typically have much lower resolution. Changing settings in Word might not help although it's worth doing. click here for details. The problem arises because Word creates [...]

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What is Copy Editing and Proofreading?

Once an author has created a complete manuscript that has been corrected and checked to his or her own satisfaction it is considered good practice (some would say essential) to pass the raw manuscript (the ”copy”) to a “copy editor”. The copy editor’s job is to make the copy ready for publication which means that [...]

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Common Misspellings

  Spelling mistakes in published works are much more common that many people expect. You only have to ask a professional proof reader to read over a sample chapter to stand a good chance of finding one or two. How does this happen? On over-reliance on spell checkers is part of the problem. For example, [...]

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5 Tips when writing a non fiction book

You probably won't have any trouble finding general  tips and guides about writing in general but when it comes to writing a non fiction book some important issues are often overlooked.  Here a 5 tips to help you get your book written. Identify a successful writer (or writers) who can be your role model.  Is [...]

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Describing your book

People do judge books by their covers and also make quick decisions about book purchases based on brief details. So, when you describe your book try to make the key points up front. The same principle applies even at the planning stage - and for your own benefit. Here are some suggested points to make [...]

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Get answers to your question

See our newly launched forum (under the Resources menu) for answers to your questions about eBooks and writing. It's just launched so we are looking for your questions. If you are registered as a member (Free or paid) then you can post your own questions and answer those posted by others.

Katie Gray – “Writing and Me”

On the 16th October at Amersham Library local author Katie Gray is giving a talk on her new book 'Dead on Arrival' and speaking to people about how and why she started writing. Everyone is welcome, refreshments are provided and attendance is free so book now and make sure you are guaranteed a spot. If [...]

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