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Why publish with the endless bookcase?

There are many benefits to publishing with us rather than self-publishing a book, such as: Although we offer a simple self-publishing package, our main service is a step above self-publishing and by publishing with us you will benefit from our help with any issues you might have, as well as having us here to deal [...]

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Important copyright issues to consider when writing a book

Copyright law is important to consider when writing your book as it could mean you are left with a hefty fine, and could even mean you have to redo your book. Copyright issues to consider when writing your book include: Quotes: If you are quoting people remember to attribute it and put the text in [...]

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Things to think about when typesetting a paper book

In a previous post we mentioned how ebook layout might differ from the layout of printed books, but what should we think about when formatting a printed book? Headers and footers. In a printed book you will probably want to include page numbering at the footer of the page, as well as having a header [...]

What to include on the back cover of your book

What to include on the back cover of your book

The back cover (or online wording) of a book is extremely important for any book sold. It is often the deciding factor once a front cover has caught the attention of a potential reader. As a result it is important to get across the right information. About the book blurb/synopsis: This is a brief description [...]

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What should you include when writing your book?

When writing a book you might be unsure on what to include. Below are some ideas of what you might include or like to think about including: A dedication – who you are dedicating your book to. Try not to be too cheesy!   Acknowledgments – people you would like to thank for helping or [...]

What to include on the back cover of your book

People say you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover…

When creating a cover for your book you need to keep in mind what message you are trying to convey and the overall message you are giving possible buyers. People say one shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but everyone does. To help put across the most appropriate message consider the following: Book titles: [...]


Things to think about when designing an ebook

Ebooks and printed books are very different. With a printed book you might spend a lot of time on fonts, fancy background images and colours. With an ebook these designs can largely be thrown out of the window. Things to remember when creating your ebook: Ebooks have free flowing text, and like a webpage will [...]

Cutting Corners Cuts Sales

Writing a book is a significant piece of work so it’s understandable that authors look for ways to get the job finished sooner rather than later. However, some corner cutting has unfortunate consequences. If you want your book to be worthy of you and to have the quality that will attract readers and generate sales [...]

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