Writing a Book

How we can help you write a book or novel…

If you want to write a book or booklet and get it published we can help you.

If you are already an experienced writer or have a work planned or drafted it is a relatively simple and straightforward process for us to publish it as an e-book (or e-booklet). Even if your goal is to publish a conventional paper book we recommend starting with an electronic version (ie an e-book).  Click here to learn why.

Buy our author membership if you have a book ready to publish (or a paper book already published but with no e-book versions available on Amazon or elsewhere).

If you’re not quite ready for that you can get started with a free membership as a writer. Just click the red “Join now” button in the right-hand sidebar and we’ll start sending you useful advice and guidance.

If you’re not even at that stage yet then here is a summary of what help is on offer:

  • Development of your writing skills – We have a number of associates who offer a variety of training and coaching services.
  • Individual coaching – If you want complete advice, guidance, help, encouragement, support and someone to help you keep on track with planning and writing your book we offer a number of services.
  • Guidance and support – If you want to take responsibility for the whole process of planning and writing your own book or booklet but haven’t done it before then we can provide a suitable level of guidance and support to help you avoid the normal traps and pitfalls.
  • Other options – We have ghost writers, editors, audio transcribers and other specialists who can help you.

The easist way to get started is to take up free membership. If you have a specific question that we don’t seem to have covered then just drop us an email. We can normally respond within 3 working days.


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