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Opportunities & Challenges

In many ways there are better opportunities available today for independent publishers and self-publishers than there were a just a few years ago. Technical innovation has remove many barriers… Digital production of print-ready file is potentially simpler and less costly.   Print on Demand (PoD) removes the need to invest in high-cost minimum quantity print […]

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Are you an illustrator? We are looking for illustrators to work with our authors on book content and covers. If you are an illustrator or would like to be an illustrator for The Endless Bookcase please email us.

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Proofreading service

All writers make some typographical errors when writing and some make more than others. Once made, an error can be very hard to find. The answer is to get another person to proofread the work and to ask all reviewers to feed back any errors they spot. After a number of reviewers have gone through […]

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The EPUB format for e-books

ePub is a free and open ebook standard by the International Digital Publishing Forum (IDPF). The letters E P U B merely stand for “electronic publication” and the files have the extension “.epub”. Incidentally, it can be written with the capital letters in various different places. It is effectively the main standard for ebook formats, […]

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