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Technical Book Production

Many independent publishers don't have all the technical expertise they need in-house. We can fill the gaps in a cost-effective, publishing-savvy way.

Creating well-formatted files for digital printing, ebook publication and audiobook release can be challenging without the right know-how.
We can do it and also provide online publishing capabilities needed by publishers.

Technical book production includes: digital print-file creation, ebook production and conversions, and audiobook production.

The full set of services can help you with preparation, production and sales.
We developed specialist methods and technology for our own publishing business then used them to help out other publishers.

Printed Book Production

We produce high resolution pdf files (manuscript and full cover) ready for printing plus ePub files for eBook upload and distribution.
We can work from manuscript files in Microsoft Word format, which is the norm, but can handle all common text file formats.
We are able to handle images in all popular file formats (e.g jpeg, png, tiff).

eBook Conversions

This is our most popular service to other publishers.
We mostly receive files in pdf format or Microsoft Word.
Sometimes we are asked to fix files that have been converted but won’t load.

By default, we convert files into ePub format which can then be loaded onto all the major eBook platforms including Amazon Kindle, Kobo, Nook and Google.
All files are checked for standard compliance using public domain file checkers. Even compliant files may be rejected by specific websites but we have a series of proprietary method to fix these problems.

Apart for the technical conversion task we also change the title page details of a paper edition for the ebook edition as required, including changes to ISBN numbers.

All jobs are based on a tariff table that takes into account the size and complexity of the file submitted but we confirm the cost in a pre-check and require sign-off and payment before commencement.

Please contact us using the form on this page if you would like further details.

Audiobook Production

We produce high quality audiobook files suitable for use on popular audiobook platforms including Amazon Audible.

The two basic options available to you are as follows.

  • You record the content (it’s easy when we show how) and then we complete the production job – we have a comprehensive guide to help you with your part.
  • We do the entire production.

We use our own narrators but we can source other narrators if required. Note that well-know narrators tend to command high fees.

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