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Audiobook Production

We Offer Audiobook Production Services – Book Narrating and File Preparation Services

Audiobooks are growing in popularity and it is normally well worth having an audiobook edition.

We have a simple and efficient method of producing high quality audiobook content. The files are produced in standard format so they can be published on multiple platforms which means you are not limited to one channel. The biggest component of cost is the time taken by the narrator who records the audiobook content.

Once recorded the costs per copy are minimal because this is a digital product so the production costs can be recovered with a relatively low volume of sales.

Turn Your Book Into A High Quality Audiobook That Meets ACX Standards

We offer two basic methods of audiobook production.

  • A collaborative approach where the author or their nominee does the basic recording – under advice and guidance from us – and we do the rest.
  • An all-inclusive package where we undertake the complete production process including the audiobook narration, file preparation, and ensuring the MP3’s meet ACX Production rules.

What we offer to publishers

We produce audiobooks for a number of other publishers at commercial rates. Please get in touch if you would like to discuss.

Professional MP3/WAV audiobooks that be can loaded into all major audio book platforms including ACX - Amazon Audible and Apple.

Hear a voice sample from one of our narrators:

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    The creation of an audiobook of good quality requires specialist expertise and software but fundamentally needs good narration.

    There are several options to consider. We are happy to discuss them for your particular book and requirements. We provide fixed price quotations so you know exactly what your costs will be.
    In addition to the production of the book we can organise distribution through various popular channels including our own audiobook website.