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Book Cover Creation

The main purpose of a cover is to sell the book. It is a marketing tool.

Authors have a tendency to be self-indulgent over covers for their books. The cover is for the prospective reader. The cover image and colour need to catch the eye. The title and subtitle grab attention and let the reader know what the book offers them. The back cover provides more compelling reasons to buy and the author details add a personal touch and why the book is important. The price needs to seem reasonable to the prospective buyer and the barcode is a practical essential. All of these factors feed into our designs.


Everyone judges books by their covers!

Research indicates that these are the key elements…

Front Cover

  • The title
  • The subtitle
  • The colours
  • The images

Back Cover (note there is no back cover on an ebook)

  • Back cover description (and reviews if available)
  • Author details
  • Price and barcode with ISBN

A readable spine

The cover of your book is what will attract potential buyers. If the cover doesn’t look professional, this can put people off buying the book as it can make the reader assume that the content inside will be of similar quality.

We can quote for the following book covers, which would include all the elements listed above

  • A front cover image for the online paperback and ebook edition
  • A complete wrap-around cover image for the printed paperback edition – front cover, spine and back cover

Please note

The spine width depends on the paper used for the book printing and the final number of pages.
We can quote for book cover creation from a background image provided by you, or for a specialist illustrator book cover design.

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