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Opportunities & Challenges

In many ways there are better opportunities available today for independent publishers and self-publishers than there were a just a few years ago.

Technical innovation has remove many barriers…

  • Digital production of print-ready file is potentially simpler and less costly.
  • Print on Demand (PoD) removes the need to invest in high-cost minimum quantity print runs.
  • On-line selling is more readily available – so sales are not solely reliant on books being stocked in on bricks and mortar stores.
  • Books editions can be sold in other media including ebook and audiobook.


There are some big challenges too…

  • Much more technical expertise is required and in a growing range of specialisms. This can be very hard to provide in-house.
  • Many of the on-line platforms (e.g Amazon) have a dominant advantage over smaller players.
  • Many traditional channels (e.g. independent shops) have disappeared or become less inclined to support smaller publishers.

How we can help

Put simply we can provide cost-effective technical expertise in all kinds of book production together with specialist websites for on-line book sales in all formats.
We work collaboratively with our clients so you’ll retain control over your works while being free of all the hassle.

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