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Text & Image Services

Our aim is to provide good quality book production at sensible prices

Our services cover text and image production.

Turning Manuscripts into printer-ready files

In our experience very few manuscripts are anything like ready for final formatting for printing but the amount of work needed varies enormously.

What we offer is as follows.

  • Copy editing of author manuscripts to meet the criteria specified. At a minimum this includes the correction of typos, spelling mistakes and basic grammatical errors plus flagging up any readability issues with suggested edits. This is normally done in Microsoft Word with change tracking switched on comments added where appropriate. In some case we are asked to do this with a light touch so that the individual style of the author is largely unchanged and in other cases we are asked to enforce a particular house style.
  • Final proof checks on print-ready manuscripts are also available and the file is provided in a similar form to one with copy edits.
  • Creating printer-ready content files in the form of high resolution pdf files. The starting point is typically a manuscript file in Microsoft Word together with a set of image files, if required.
  • We normally produce a free sample based on approximately 1000 words accompanied by a fixed price quote for the complete job.
  • More extensive manuscript services are available including various forms of ghost writing.
  • Other specific services are also available of which indexing is the most popular.

Image creation

This includes cover creation and creation of images to be used as illustrations within books.

For cover creation.

  • We can use images supplied by the author or publisher or we can source images including photographs.
  • We create ISBN barcode images as required
  • Costs are competitive but vary considerably depending on the level of work required by image creators.
  • We can provide variations on the cover design for paperback, hardback ebook and audiobook.


The main things we offer are as follows.

  • Advice to authors on how to provide usable images.
  • Technical diagrams based on drafts or more finished files produced by the author.
  • “Artist” pictures ranging from simple black & white line diagrams to detailed full colour pictures. We have versatile in-house illustrators and access to free-lance specialists


We are not printers but the printers we use offer very competitive rates and we can manage print production with them.

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