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Proofreading service

All writers make some typographical errors when writing and some make more than others. Once made, an error can be very hard to find. The answer is to get another person to proofread the work and to ask all reviewers to feed back any errors they spot.

After a number of reviewers have gone through a work and reported errors then the work may be “clean” enough to publish. However, most amateur proofreaders tend to miss errors that professionals are more likely to spot. Also, readers of published works expect higher standards than they do for informal writing and can be very critical of poorly corrected texts. So it really does make sense to use a professional proofreader.

At The Endless Bookcase it is, by default, the author’s responsibility to submit a properly checked and corrected manuscript. That is what most authors seem to prefer. We check manuscripts after submission to make sure they are in a good state. Sometimes they fail the checks.

If you have a completed manuscript you wish to have proofread then we offer a proofreading service at competitive rates.

To qualify you merely need to be registered on our website. Normally we suggest that you start by paying to have the first 1,000 words checked; once you’ve seen the results you can decide whether or not you want to carry on. The full service can include not only marking up errors but also making the corrections if you wish.

To request further information just email details of what work you want to have proofread.

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